8 SEO or SEM of 10 use social networks, but so poorly or rather without actually knowing the utility, they should totally do not use it. They lose less time and would avoid typing sword in the water. I tell you right away why.
To live your social networks is essential
Social networks have democratized; it is a fact. So that it now seems commonplace and even required for any business.
And you, as an SEO, SEM or independent, you have necessarily already posed the question.
The problem is that opening a Facebook account, Twitter, Google+ (to name the most common) is so simple that you’ll create them without at all, or microscopic, consider what use you are going to do and So by extension, the value they represent for your business.

For indeed, open an account is certainly not sufficient and utterly useless if there’s zero activity on it. A social network must be active. It is essential that you do live your Facebook, Twitter, and / or Google+.
This is simple to understand.
Imagine trying to visit the Facebook page of a search engine optimization company. You will return a second time, and then a third time, a fourth or even a fifth in the space of two months, for example.
You noticed when she did not move; nothing has changed an inch. Imagine then your reaction; then what is your vis-à-vis thought this page?
The interest that you wore, in the beginning, to return several times disappears. Nothing happens, so there is no use to return it, and you forget it. Unconsciously, the company becomes uninteresting.
The example took regarding a Facebook page, but this is true for all other social networks.
Sheep policy is not necessarily the right
It does so under any circumstances succumb to social networks only “to do well” and do like everyone else.
Otherwise, the risk is that it costs a bit of your image.
It is understandable that a website including a showcase site can be static and that few changes are taking place. This is not true with social networks.
The problem is the following:
Do you have the ability and resources to animate your accounts? Do you have time?
You have the choice of three ways to be present on social networks.
Passive presence
Not recommended, this is to be on Facebook and Google+ simple business page. For the preceding reasons, this is unnecessary, inefficient and against-productive.
Do not expect anything constructive, particularly regarding SEO.
If that is your intention, it is better to do nothing and to focus your time on something more essential. Besides, if you want to flatter your ego :-).
Semi-active presence
This is already more interesting and is a business page on which you bring some activity. This activity can be your news / news, promotions, your blogs articles, etc. that you were also relying on Twitter.
This is a classic pattern, but this is definitely the bare minimum.
Active presence
Here it is the ideal with a company and a real page business with a publishing schedule for news, articles from blogs, contests, surveys, promotions, etc …
This scheme is definitely productive and also time-consuming. We must then consider establishing systems to maintain over time this rhythm of publication.
What you need to know
In the vast majority of cases, people go to social networks for entertainment. If that is your goal, do not expect to get repeat sales through social networks, at least not directly.
You can do promotions through them, but this represents only a minor use.
Mean by that, you will never arrive, or so petite, making sales through social networks directly. You must consider social networks as an intermediate step before your goal.
The purpose of social networks should always be to get their traffic to your site, so they buy, make contact with you, fall or other action according to your goal.
It is recognized and has been proven that it is much easier to get sales from sending emails that from social networks. Why ? Because people are then in a different light than entertainment.
The solution can then be to serve you social networks to get the email addresses of your visitors. How ?
Well, I just prepared some suggestions for actions that you can apply for it. Just download the form below to share access. See you soon.

SEO factors in Montreal

Tell me what it takes (the factors) to be first on Google for my keywords

There are two answers, one of which is amazingly simple: choose a term used by no other site (“azertqwertydvoraktickletoes” certainly will do). However, this time, will bring no visitors because nobody will search your site for this term. We must, therefore, make your site the reference for your most important terms. This will require work, and time. Rome was not built in a day, and it will take time and effort to convince Google that your site deserves to be considered the benchmark for your keywords, especially if it comes under very Competitive: the greater the number of sites in your keyword is, the longer it will backlinks to your site – and work your content – to become number one.


Each search engine uses its own methods to determine the position of each site for a keyword. These methods are not disclosed, so there’s no magic to propel a site in the first position. Work carefully the contents of a site, designing meta tags intelligently, and increase backlinks to a site from external sites are the only methods common to all well-referenced website, and the only ones that can ensure a good positioning in search engines.

The ranking of your site in search engines, creating backlinks and optimizing meta tags are also discussed on our blog. To see the critical role of meta tags of a site, just look carefully how they appear to users in search engines.

To go further with your SEO, you can consult one of the many SEO services Montreal or guides, we ask a question via online support or contact our community of webmasters on the forums of doomby.


Here are some external references to get started:

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Create a site should be fun, but should also be as useful and productive activity as possible. Because to be found, seen and visited, a site must be present in the search engines and referenced as well as possible. Referencing a site may seem less “fun” as create pages and optimize its tags and create backlinks necessarily require more attention and time than to add images or text on a page. But it is on the basis of this background work, regular and thoughtful, that depends on the success of your website

SEO Help in Toronto

It’s been a while since we travel together in the world of search engine optimization, and today we reach our destination. The purpose of this series was to demystify SEO Canada by providing answers to the questions that any novice webmaster arises when deciding to create a site for the first time.

Here are the key points to remember, classified as answers to frequently asked when creating the site by a novice webmaster issues, including useful references for a successful initial ranking of your website.

I created a site in Toronto, but it is not visible in the search engines

This is normal, your site exists, but search engines do not know it yet. Instead of waiting, we must directly submit your site to the engines: the three top engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you want to submit one, it’s Google for you, because it dominates the internet search market.

See this article for more information on search engines.

My site is now on Google / Yahoo / Bing, but I can not find it when I search (insert keyword here)

You know your site is about cottages in the Dordogne, but search engines will know if its pages contain very concrete words that describe the nature of the site (both “houses Dordogne” as related or similar words, like ” accommodation “,” bed and breakfast “,” rural accommodation Canada “…). These words should appear everywhere on your site in the text and title of its pages in its URLs, and especially in its meta tags, which are part of the HTML code. These are all of these different sources of information that engines use to become familiar with the subject matter of your site, categorize it in their databases, and associate it with keywords used in searches.

To help search engines understand your site, so be thoughtful content and tags, and quantity. All search engine optimization Toronto work must begin with the keyword selection – we discussed the choice of keywords in this post. The two most important tools for choosing keywords is Google Adwords and GoogleTrends: these free tools will help you see how people do their searches, allowing you to select the most appropriate keywords to bring visitors to your site web.

I found my site on Google with my keywords, but it is on a 138th page!

Search engines sort the sites listed for each query based on their relevance to the search words. If you created a site about dolphins on the French Atlantic coast, it is still normal Google can imagine that other sites are more relevant than yours, especially older sites, with greater content, and that are referenced on other sites. It’s up to you to convince Google that he is wrong, working the SEO of your site via external sites and adding relevant content: the more other sites referencing yours for a key term, the higher your argument “my site is the best site of dolphins “will be credible to the search engines.

Always look to strengthen the association created by the search engines your keywords and your website, to bring them up in the results pages. This relationship can be enhanced on your site, ensuring that its pages contain these same terms and a mesh links between your pages is created by using the keywords to link pages. Add relevant content by adding additional pages, also increases the number of occurrences of these keywords while adding annexes keywords that you would perhaps not thought of. You will find ideas for adding content to your website in our blog.

Google toys

The Chromium development team has introduced Blink; the new rendering engine Webkit-based Google. It should land in mid-June on PCs and Android smartphones, with version 28 of Chrome.
Google will soon integrate its rendering engine for Chrome Blink
While Mozilla is developing a new rendering engine with Servo and Opera turned to Webkit, it’s time for Google to announce the creation of its own rendering engine. Blink baptized, he is a “fork” of Webkit, ie a variation of the rendering engine most used at present.
According to the Chromium development team working on it, Blink could be directly integrated into Chrome version 28 scheduled for mid-June. It should be present on versions of Chrome for PC but also for Android. On its dedicated website, the Chromium team created an enriched video FAQ to answer questions that may arise developers.
A patent was filed Thursday by Apple for a navigation system similar to Google Street View. The system called “3D Position Tracking for Panoramic Imagery Navigation” work automatically through various sensors of mobile devices Apple.

A Street View navigation system for Apple?
A patent filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office under the name “Position Tracking for 3D Panoramic Imagery Navigation” was spotted by the site Apple Insider Thursday, April 4, 2013. It suggests that Apple is working on a panoramic navigation system in the manner of Google Street View.
The system will activate by zooming in on the map or by placing a mark as in Street View. The patent states that navigation would be automatic through the use of gyroscope, accelerator, camera and other sensors present on the terminals of the group. So when you change the orientation of the phone, the screen will change for guidance. This therefore would take into account the movements of the user.
This is where the patent is interesting navigation in Street View is done by clicking where you want to go or by manually moving the viewpoint. If it is actually carried out, this technology could be an advantage (or failing reduce Apple delay) compared to Google.
It is also specified that information can be embedded on the screen. Street names or bubbles containing information about the places encountered (shops, restaurants, monuments, services).
Apple, therefore, continues developing its mapping service that had caused hilarity and many critics at the exit of the iPhone 5 and its Maps application.
That said there is not surprising, we found recently that Apple wanted to get into the indoor geolocation. The Cupertino company was then bought out WIFISlam society.
It’s also not the only mapping company acquired by Apple’s late, there were 9 including Poly and especially C3 Technologies. The latter is a 3D mapping company that would undoubtedly an important role in this project. In May 2012 already, we told you about how a 3D Street View mapping service potential.
This new patent is, therefore, a new index credence to the idea that Apple would be actually the footsteps of Google.